The Parents and Friends of People with Disabilities of Moree and District was formed in 1967 and began as the Parents and Friends of the Gwydir School – a school for children with intellectual and physical disabilities.

When all the children grew up and were leaving school, the P&F turned their attention to their needs as adults and wanted to provide a place to enable them to undertake some form of work.

On January 28th, 1992, the group became known as the Parents and Friends of the Disabled People of Moree. The President was Sheila Campbell, Vice President was Phil Good, Secretary Esma McGowan and Treasurer Jacqui Bydder. The Committee was comprised of many dedicated people who had and still have a deep interest in providing support to those with a disability.

The main aims of the P&F are:

1. To further the experiences and education of people with intellectual and physical disabilities in Moree and its district, through the organising of areas of interest
2. To promote recreational and sporting activities
3. To communicate the benefits of active and social experience, at the appropriate level of interest and abilities of people with disabilities through personal contact and support
4. To assist local service providers and to help provide equipment or improvement to people with disabilities when the opportunity arises
5. To support by small loans of gifts of money to needy people with disabilities when possible

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