Our Team

Gwydir Industries is fortunate to have a team of dedicated and caring staff who provide support and guidance to our employees




To provide job skills, training and real work opportunities in supported employment to assist people with disabilities realise individual capacity.

Antoinette McNamara
General Manager
Antoinette commenced with Gwydir Industries in 2010 as Office Manager and was promoted to General Manager in July 2015. As the GM she acts on the Board’s behalf and looks after the business on a day to day basis. Antoinette enjoys her job as each day provides a new challenge! The best thing about her job is seeing the employees achieve their goals and knowing that she has helped them reach their potential.
Cheryl Drenkhahn
Office Manager/Training and Development Coordinator
Cheryl joined Gwydir Industries in June 2016. As Office Manager, Cheryl is responsible for accounts, financials, wages and administration which include EAP’s and maintaining employee files. She is also in charge of training and development for staff. Cheryl enjoys the people at Gwydir Industries and loves working in a team.
Vera Jackson
Contracts Supervisor
Vera celebrated 20 years with Gwydir Industries on 8th May 2016 and still finds the job rewarding. Vera has many hats – First Aid Officer and is responsible for WH&S meetings. She supervises the employees when they deliver Meals on Wheels once a month; she also oversees the delivery of the community gardens fresh vegetables, bagging them up and then delivering to local residents. Out in the workshop she supervises the confidential shredding and also the letter folding. Vera is also involved in on-site training for the employees.

Her main responsibility is purchasing trophies and engraving for many of the sporting clubs in the district. She also has a great deal of input into the employment plans for the employees.

Jordan Riddle
Joinery & Furniture Restoration Supervisor
Jordan just loves his job – in fact he loves everything about it!!! He mows the lawns, paints walls, and drives the bus to pick up employees from their home to bring them to work. He is the ‘go to man’ when things need fixing and he undertakes the maintenance on machinery. He overseas furniture restoration and making survey pegs with the employees. He has been with Gwydir Industries from July 2014. Jordan trains employees in WHS, and all skills relating to the woodwork section.
Leslie Cuthel
Worker Representative
Employees elect a spokesperson to represent them with their employer, to handle a variety of matters on their behalf. These people are called Worker Representatives. Les Cuthel is currently Gwydir Industries employee worker representative – he works in recycling.
Tom Fing
Recycling Supervisor
Tom started with Gwydir Industries in February 2015 and enjoys working in a team. He supervises 5-6 clients who travel with him in the Gwydir Industries truck to collect cardboard and clear plastic from local business houses from 16 locations every week day. These products are brought back to the workshop where they are baled up. Tom is also responsible for keeping the yard clean and tidy. Tom trains employees in WHS and all skills relating to the recycling side of the business.

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